A delicious journey exploring the finest game Hungary could offer

Partake in something special. After two decades of culinary experiences worldwide, the founder of Venison Gusto, Gábor Ivánácz redefines the notion of exclusive tasting nights at his one-of-a-kind charcuterie shop in Buda. If you’re in a mood for quality, authenticity and simplicity, it will be hard to forget this unique Hungarian culinary experience.

Venison Gusto Kulináris Kaland - Gourmet est

Beautiful to Look at, Heavenly to Taste

Committed to tradition and quality, we take keen interest in finding the perfect match when it comes to Venison Gusto premium charcuterie products and the cheese, the salt, the wine offered at our table. More than a simple tasting night, we are dedicated to create an authentic gourmet experience.

A Unique Story Behind

Gábor Ivánácz, host and founder of Venison Gusto tells the story of the salami that impressed the rich and famous from Bill Gates to Dr. Dre, while maintaining its roots in rural Hungarian traditions.

Showcasing Quality

Our premium charcuterie products match the highest quality standards offering an inclusive culinary experience for the health-conscious. Artisan, gluten- and lactose-free, at Venison Gusto flavours reign supreme.

Sophisticated and Elegant

Full of style and elegance, you might want to call the Venison GuStore a charcuterie showroom instead of a shop. The perfect venue for a night dedicated to authentic and sophisticated culinary experiences.


Premium Charcuterie Products


We believe that the Venison Bresaola is one of our finest products. The quality of the carefully selected venison rump and the traditional preparation process makes it fine, lean, and special. The meat is first marinated in a souse of juniper berries, bay leaves and white pepper, then smoked with beech wood chips in a smoking chamber. The result is a rich, matured bresaola with a complex flavour profile.


With the Special Edtition, pork-free line of products we created something new. The silky flavour of this unique, smoked artisan salami does not come from the pork pancetta, which is replaced by water buffalo tallow. The highest quality venison meat and the water buffalo tallow combined with pink pepper seasoning provide a special gastronomic experience, true to the name of this premium charcuterie product.


From the top of the line of our charcuterie products, the 100% water buffalo natural salami showcases the extraordinary, high meat content of the Venison Gusto premium products. The carefully selected, free-range water buffalo meat and tallow with pink pepper seasoning is an authentic Hungarian gourmet experience.


Grey cattle live in the area of Hungarian national parks, for which it is a truly authentic and traditional salami held in high regard by the health-conscious. The meat is combined with pork belly pancetta, pink pepper, white pepper and garlic, then smoked with traditional beech wood smoking method. The long ageing process makes this salami as good as Hungarian charcuterie tradition gets.


You will be amazed by this traditional venison sausage. We prepare this product from carefully selected, free-range venison meat, pork pancetta and one of our signature spices, the Hungarian red paprika. The smoking is done with smouldering beech wood giving this matured sausage a full-bodied and highly complex taste.


A unique, matured wild boar sausage that may well be served alone (you will be surprised by the complexity of its flavour profile) or elegantly matched with a wide-range of hard cheeses like Pecorino, Beaufort, Comte or a well-matured Manchego. We prepare this product from carefully selected wild boar meat, pork pancetta and Hungarian red paprika. The smoking is done with beech wood following Hungarian traditions, thus providing an authentic and complex taste to this matured sausage.

Selection of Cheese

The companions of the premium charcuterie products of Venison Gusto has been carefully selected for the night from the most authentic, signature cheeses of France, plus a true Italian classic.

Cantal | One of the oldest and most prestigious cheeses of France, Cantal came into prominance during the reign of Louis XIV, Le Roi Soleil.  During the night we are tasting the Cantal vieux, aged for more than 6 months.

Pecorino | With a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status all-over Europe, pecorino (along with parmigiano) is the pride of Italian cheese-making. This time we are tasting pecorino fresco, the perfect match to our charcuterie products.

Reblochon laitier | Washed-rind and smear-ripened, this cheese is made in the Alpine region of France from raw cow’s milk, protected by the highest standards of geographical indications.


Venison Gusto kóstolóest - Vajak

Selection of Salt and Butter

Noirmoutier Sea Salt Butter | Exceptionally smooth and slightly salty, this French premium quality butter is a true delight.

Salt selection | from France, Mexico and Hawaii.

Sourdough Bread | Traditional, Hungarian sourdough bread will be offered as a side to the premium charcuterie and dairy products.

Furthermore, we are keen on smoking bread, cheese and butter with cherry smoke on the spot.

Wine Pairing

Rácz Lilla Brut Nature

Rácz Lilla Brut Nature

The wine pairing of our gourmet night comes directly from Villány, but instead of a red that made famous this DOC wine region in Southern Hungary, in the form of a méthode traditionnelle champagne by Lilla Rácz. A truly unique brut nature elaborated from Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, you will find delicate, yet complex aromas on the nose and the palate. With a nice, long finish, all these qualities add up to make Rácz Lilla Brut Nature the perfect match for our tasting.

Reserve Your Seat

Sophistication and authenticity reign supreme at our events.

We take great care in offering the highest standards on and off your plate, therefore please note that the number of available tickets for each occasion is highly limited.

Nevertheless, there is possibility to create tailor-made culinary experiences for special business or family gatherings upon request. For more information, please get in touch with us.

Date: TBD

Venue: Venison GuStore - Budapest 1024 Margit krt. 29/A.


22.500 HUF / person

Time of Arrival


Start of Event


In case of further inquieries, please, get in contact with us.

If you have any questions about our events, or you are requesting more information about tailor-made culinary experiences, please fill in the form to get in contact with us.

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